6 - 9 YEARS

Keep your kids active with Zambezi Multi sports, based in Sidcup, Kent at Royal Park Primary Academy. We believe it is important to familiarize children with physical activity from a young age, and our Multi sports classes do exactly that with a huge dose of added fun.

Our Hyena classes are specifically designed for children aged 6 - 9 years and our highly qualified team can work with your children in a number of fantastic sports, moving on from Cheetahs, children will now start to focus on game play utilizing core sports skills: balance, agility and co-ordination gained in previous stages. 

Zambezi Multi sports classes teach a whole range of different sports including football, cricket, dance, cycling, rugby, golf, athletics, martial arts, netball, exploring, tennis, trampolining and gymnastics.

Multi-sports courses

These classes are currently suspended, email info@zambezisportsschool.co.uk if you would like to be added to the mailing list for when these classes resume


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Young People’s personalities should be nurtured and developed through sport with the principles of fair play and equality reinforced. Additionally, children should be encouraged to explore and understand how their personal characteristics affect their team mates and their own performance in sports.


Children should feel connected to their peers, their coaches and parents. Developing an understanding of their team-mates' needs and individual characteristics helps them to grow as people and as sports people.


Every Zambezi session is designed with the development of the child's abilities in mind. Our responsibility is to ensure that they leave every session a little more confident than before.


Children will be able to develop their skills in a safe and inspiring environment where they can develop their self-reliance and understanding of themselves. We will make sure that they are able to perform under pressure so that they feel comfortable in such surroundings. 



We strive to encourage children to develop their own solutions to the challenges they face in sport. By doing this they will develop a sense of pride in their abilities. When we give the kids exercises and games that challenge their problem-solving skills, we're often wonderfully surprised by the outcome.