AFTER School CLubs 

We offer a unique after school club that brings a variety of sports each week. 


We have a FUNdamental approach to include all children at all abilities. 


We have a team kit that is optional for after school clubs, this really help children feel part of our team and help to interact with other children. 


All children will work on core skills to improve their physical activity such as Balance, agility and coordination. 


Each week we have a Zambezi Star - which is awarded to the best sports person who shows a great effort and attitude in our sessions. We feel an award is a great motivator for children to help others and succeed. 


Our coaches are friendly and approachable, should you have any queries please do not hesitate to speak to them after the session or alternatively you can contact the office. 






Spring Term Dates

Thursday 11th January through to Thursday 29th March 2018

(There will be NO SESSION on Thursday 15th February as this is half term week)

3.30pm to 4.30pm. 


5 week course = £25

Payments accepted: 

Card payment over the phone prior to your child's first lesson. * please note there is a £2 charge for credit card payments

Cash payments can be handed to Cecil Road Primary Office - please place in an envelope and write on the front For the Attention Of Zambezi Sports School 


If you are wanting to choose our club as your after-school activity paid for by the school, please complete a booking form and clearly mark this and we can confirm this with the office. 


Please note we run a yellow/red card system for late pick ups. 

If you are late in a term the for the first time you will receive a warning yellow card. 

A red card is given for 2 times within a term and could lead to you not being able to    re-book the following term. 





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Track your child development online by activating your home portal to see your report for your child. 

We try our best to update this weekly, please be patient if your child's report has not been updated it may take until the next day to to sync.