Terms and Conditions

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) harmonizes data protection laws in the EU that are fit for purpose in the digital age. By introducing a single law, the EU believes that it will bring better transparency to help support the rights of individuals and grow the digital economy.

The GDPR imposes new rules on companies, government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations that offer goods and services to people in the EU, or that collect and analyse data tied to EU residents. Even organizations outside Europe need to be compliant, or otherwise face significant penalties.

The primary objective of the GDPR is to give citizens back control of their personal data. From an economic standpoint, the GDPR aims to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

Because the GDPR is a regulation and not a directive, it means that it is directly applicable in all EU member states from May 2018. A directive only directs member states to implement ruling but does not enforce.

Customer Access and Amendments  

Our customers can easily request access to their personal information. We store data with CoursePro who have created new tick boxes for you to be able to download your data and keep your data up to date via your home portal. We can also download your data and send out to you via email upon request.

Data Deletion

We will remove any data that has been inactive for 12 months on our course pro system. Inactive data will not have been signed up to one of our courses within this time. If you have a sibling, then your data will be kept on our system unless you request to our GDPR officer for it to be removed.


All customers who join our courses will be asked how they would like to be contacted. You are agreeing to our terms and conditions which you can view our terms and condition following the link you will receive when signing up to our courses or on our website and search Terms and Conditions via the search bar. You will be notified of any changes via email and will have 14 days to respond if you do not agree to them, after 14 days we will assume that you have read and agree with the changes that have been made.


We use a global company to process your payments and have taken test to ensure that our software is up to standards to keep your details safe. All details are kept safe following PCI DSS compliance set out by world pay payment providers.

Current Members

CoursePro operates on the basis for data processing upon the fulfilment of a contract between customers and their members.  Therefore, consent is not required under GDPR. 
We, however, developed a way for the acceptance of T&Cs to be recorded on our system. This will be available for you on your next booking.

We would like to remind you we keep all customer information provided to us securely and we will never share it without your permission.

All direct payment gateways are provided through WORLDPAY. These are a worldwide company who ensure we comply with PCI – DSS standards. PCI – DSS requirements ensure that the secure handling of credit card information by Zambezi Sports School.

If you do not want us to process your data anymore, please contact us at info@zambezisportsschool.co.uk.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at anytime, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you via email that it has been updated.

Credits & Refunds
In the event a client is unable to attend a lesson due to sickness or holiday, Zambezi Sports School are unable to refund the client as the payment secures the place for the full term. In the case of serious illness (i.e a broken limb) each case will be considered individually, and in exceptional circumstances, the client may be given the option of carrying lessons over at a later date. Please note that once payment has been made for courses no refunds will be given.
No refunds will be offered in the case of circumstances outside the control of Zambezi Sports School such as adverse weather conditions, power interruption, ‘act of god’ as deemed to be contractually outside of the Sports school’s control.

Zambezi Sports School expected Standards
Clients should not run on the pool side, should remove loose fitting or sharp jewellery.
Wear a swim cap
Do not drink alcohol prior to the lesson and do not eat or chew gum during the lesson.
Photography (other than by our professional photographers) is not permitted at any time.
Clients must follow pool procedures as advised to them at the time of confirmation. Clients should aim to arrive no more than 15 minutes before the lesson and leave no more than 15 minutes after the lesson to help improve changing room comfort.
Food is strictly forbidden in the pool buildings and mess on the floor should be kept to a minimum. (Dirt). A member of staff should be informed if the floor is mistreated. Strictly no outdoor footwear or buggies are allowed poolside.

Lesson Changes
If Zambezi Sports School need to change lessons in the event of an instructor being absent for a group or a private lesson, the Sports School are within their rights to change the instructor to make sure that the lesson is covered and no refunds will be given for lessons because of a change of instructor. In the unlikely event of “last minute” lesson time changes, the client will be notified by text message/phone call to their mobile phone, with as much notice as possible. If the client does not provide a contact phone number then an email will be sent. Zambezi Sports School will not reimburse any expenses caused by a customer failing to pick up their message. Zambezi Sports School will always try to reschedule any lesson that has not been able to occur and the client will always be notified of any changes. The client may only receive a credit if management agree to do so or of the class is cancelled by Zambezi Sport School. This credit will appear on your Home Portal.
Credits will be shown on your home portal system and when you re-enrol it will automatically deduct from your term booking. Credits cannot be accumulated and must be used the following course.

Pool Closures
In the unlikely event of the ‘pool’ not being available for use due to technical difficulties or health and safety issues the franchisee will endeavour, where possible, to reschedule the lessons. If this should be the case Zambezi Sports School will give any notice that is possible but is not held responsible for any additional travel expenses. When a pool is unavailable on a term basis (in excess of one week), on public health or other grounds outside of the franchisee’s control (not including operational issues with the pool),the franchisee cannot be responsible for providing any further lessons during that time. In the unlikely event of this being the case and it is not possible to reschedule the classes, the franchisee will use his/her best endeavours to either refund the unused balance of the client’s course fees or to recompense them in future services.

Lost Property
All property left in changing rooms or on poolside, and all property left in entrance halls or outside, is left entirely at the client’s own risk. Zambezi Sports School cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of or damage to any personal possessions.

Medical Conditions
Clients must declare when booking onto a course / waiting list of any existing medical conditions that they are aware of that the child or adult which may be harmful or not to another person. The client must agree to inform us if any changes in any medical condition as soon as they are aware of them. All information will be kept strictly confidential and it is at the Zambezi Sports School discretion to accept or refuse any applicant to join in classes.

Should the child or the adult taking the child into the water have, or develop, any known or suspected medical condition they must consult their doctor before taking them swimming and inform Zambezi S[ports School office team in writing via email or post. All information received is confidential. Clients must never bring the child swimming if they have any illness such as an ear infection, diarrhoea, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold. They must wait until the doctor has given a decision before returning to classes. In the instance of sickness and diarrhoea the child must have been clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending a lesson.

Withdrawal of service
Zambezi Sports School may refuse entry to a client to its courses if it is felt that the client’s behaviour is in any way disruptive or unreasonable.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
Zambezi Sports School may update its terms and conditions by publication to our website www.zambezisportschool.co.uk. Clients will be notified of these changes by email with a notification of minor changes. If the client is not happy to accept the changes they should notify Zambezi Sports School Office in writing of their non acceptance within 14 days of receipt of the changes, failing any such communication from the client the franchisee will deem that they fully accept the updated agreement and terms.