Get your kids involved in our Zambezi Sports School triathlon! Our Kent triathlons involve a number of different sports to offer fun and unforgettable opportunities for 6+ year olds!

Our training is an insight to aquathlons, biathlons and triathlons. We encourage all of our triathlon squad to enter local competitions and gain experience in the various events.
Our Triathlon training is currently closed for the winter months. Please enquire your interest via our Contact Us page. We will keep you informed with updates on when training re-commences.
Zambezi believe getting your children involved in physical activity and sports from a young age is a great way to keep your kids active, and our triathlon is a great way to do it!


The sports

Find out more about the sports involved in a Zambezi Sports School triathlon here. 


Running is the core foundation of many sports, providing a great foundation of fitness.

Our sessions are great fun and provide a great opportunity to meet new people, socialise and keep fit.

We enter various competitions and events of different levels throughout the year.

Our training sessions currently run on a Sunday morning 09:30 and we meet at Foots Cray meadows. Please call to confirm.


This is a run, bike and run event.
Children will start off on a run then enter a transition area where they will put on their cycle helmets and mount their bikes, they will them complete a ride on their bike before dismounting in another transition area and completing the end of their run.
Some Duathlons may only have a run and bike section.


This is the area in which shoes and other clothing needed is put on in order to move on to the next part of the race.
With younger participants they may be accompanied into the transition area by a named adult, however, this may vary event to event.


This is a swimming and running event.
 Children participating will swim first, go into a transition area where they will change into their trainers and if required put a t-shirt on.
 They then set off on their running part to the finish line where they will be presented with a medal, water and often a goody bag or treat of some description.


Keep fit with Zambezi Sports School!

We offer fitness sessions for all ages and abilities.

Our classes are a fun and effective workout to achieve results you may be struggling to find!


Why not combine your skills and compete in Biathlons? Biathlons are simply swimming followed by a run. A biathlon is a great sport in its own right and is also an introduction into greater fields including triathlons and modern pentathlons.

Biathlons are open to all ages from minors to seniors and at Zambezi we train children and help them enter races at whatever level they feel confident to participate in.



This is a swimming, cycling and running event.
Children will complete a swim before entering a transition area where they will put on their trainers, top if required and cycle helmets. They will then mount their bikes and complete a cycle distance before entering a second transition area where they will dismount their bike, remove helmets and continue on the running lap and final stage of their race.


Although there are podium places for the top three finishers in all age categories, male and female it is important for children to enjoy what they are doing.
Therefore, if they are happy to cross the finish line and in future try to better their own times as they develop in age and confidence, this is just as good as those that fight for podium places. All participants receive medals and often a goody bag or treat at the end.