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Every child will be encouraged to reach their full potential whilst enjoying their time at Zambezi.

Swimming is one of our main attractions, particularly because of our high-quality service. Our teachers deliver a fun, unique style of teaching/coaching.

Here at Zambezi in Kent, we know children need to be taught the fundamentals of different sports in a social, non-competitive, team-based environment.

It's  important that sport is enjoyable for all Zambezi members.  We make sure all members are given the foundations for a healthy lifestyle and children gain valuable social skills and confidence through healthy competition and teamwork. 

We hope to inspire our young members to pursue sports to the highest possible level with the help of our highly qualified coaching staff who embody the passion, enthusiasm and dedication it takes to achieve excellent results. 

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Multi-sports Classes

Our multi-sports classes will be changing location to Royal Park Primary School from after the February half term.

Our First Session back will be Saturday 24th February.

Class times will also be changing to 9.30-10.30 for our Hyena class (Ages 5-9 years) and 10.30 - 11.30 for our Cheetah class (Ages 3-5 years).




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                Swimming Awards Case displaying Medals, Badges and Certificates.

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